Pre and Post Congress Tours

Pre and Post Congress Tours

​WPA is working with a local partner, ON TEMPO, to provide a variety of touring options before and after the Congress. Below you will find a sneak peek of some of the exciting tours that will be offered around Mexico.  

Download the PDF with all the details and itineraries for pre and post Congress tours.

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Xochimilco & Frida Kahlo's Blue House

Discover Xochimilco and the "chinampas" cultivation system - declared by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage Site. Ride the canals in a "trajinera", a colorful traditional barge. On our way, we'll enjoy this beautiful scenery with some local snacks and a live music.

Then visit Frida Kahlo's family house; today a museum. The old Blue House was where she spent her childhood and lived the last years of her life. Here you can see the works "Viva la Vida" (1954), "Frida y la cesárea" (1931) "Retrato de mi padre Wilhem Kahlo" (1952), among others.

Continue the day with a walking tour by the street of Coyoacán, one of the most beautiful and oldest neighborhoods in Mexico City, and have a traditional Mexican lunch at "Los Danzantes". 

(9:00 - 18:00)
$190 USD

Includes: Tour guide in english, transportation, soft drinks & bottled water, trajinera ride, snacks, 1 tequila, 2 beers and music at Xochimilco, Frida's Museum admission and lunch at "Los Danzantes" (three-course meal, soft drinks & 1 mezcal), souvenir. Travel insurance.

Teotihuacán Archaeological Site


Teotihuacán in the Nahuatl language means “the place where men come to become gods”.
Located 48 kms from Mexico City, this is the most visited archaeological site in all of Mexico. Visit this UNESCO World Heritage Site considered to be one of the most important pre-Columbian sites in Mesoamerica.

In this tour you will visit and learn about the incredible Temple (pyramid) of the Sun and the Temple of the Moon, stroll up the Avenue of the Dead, enter the Citadel, see the hidden Temple of Quetzalcoatl, the remains of extraordinary mural paintings and visit the site museum.

Taste delicious dishes that mix local cuisine ingredients with pre-Hispanic culinary heritage at lunch at “La Gruta” Restaurant, a spacious cave of volcanic origin.

 (8:30 - 16:00)*
$170 USD

Includes: Tour guide in english, transportation, soft drinks & bottled water, snacks, Archeological Site admission and lunch at La Gruta (three-course meal and soft drinks and 1  beer), souvenir. Travel insurance.

Mexican Wrestling & Dinner with Mariachi Show

iStock-155149940.jpg  iStock-533710846.jpg

Experience the emotion of the best wrestling in the world. Start the journey with a small tour of Reforma Avenue in company of real wrestlers, from a double-decker tour bus that will take you to the historic gym of the “Arena México” where the stars of the ring will give you a private wrestling demonstration before the show. Enjoy from a reserved space for the match and live to the fullest the emotion of this gladiator encounters.

At the end of the show, enjoy a buffet dinner at “El Lugar del Mariachi” with a live music mariachi show and other surprises.

 (17:00 - 24:00)*
$190 USD

Includes: Tour host (professional wrestler) in english, transportation, soft drinks & bottled water, snacks, wrestling private demonstration, wrestling admission, one beer at the arena and buffet dinner at “El lugar del Mariachi” with show, soft beverages, 1 tequila and 1 beer. Souvenir: wrestler mask & wrestling poster with your picture (previously sent by the guest). Travel insurance.

Anthropolgy Museum & Mexico City Downtown

iStock-97691330.jpg ThinkstockPhotos-831791720.jpg

If there is one museum you should go to in Mexico City, it is the National Anthropology Museum, which has the largest collection of Mesoamerican pieces in the world. Our visit will focus on the Teotihuacán, Mexica and Maya halls. 
After the museum, enjoy the view from a double-decker bus with a guided tour where you'll be able to appreciate the most important monuments and buildings in Reforma Avenue and Mexico City Downtown.

 (9:00 - 14:30 / 15:00 - 20:00)*
$120 USD

Includes: Tour guide in english, transportation, soft drinks & bottled water, snacks, museum admission, guided tour of Mexico City Downtown and Reforma Avenue from a double-decker bus and souvenir. Travel insurance.

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