Pre-Congress Courses

Pre-Congress Courses

  • All courses will take place on 27 September between 08:30-12:30.

  • Pre-Registration and payment for the courses is required.

  • Registration for the courses is available only for the Congress participants.

  • The cost of each course is $60 if a participant registers prior to the Congress. **Onsite cost is $80. 

  • To register click here

  • Course material will be available in due time to all registered participants.

  • Fees include a coffee break.

  • If less than 10 participants register for a course it will be cancelled. 


Course Title Course DescriptionCourse Director Course Material*
Course 1: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy: an introductionClick here for description
Roger MK Ng *Download material
Course 2: How to write a scientific paperClick here for description
Joan Marsh *Download material
Course 3: How to succeed in academic psychiatry as a womanClick here for description
Sophia Frangou *Download material
Course 4: Psychopharmacotherapy in pregnancyClick here for description
Anita Riecher-Rössler*Download material
Course 5: ICD: a truly international classification Click here for description
Geoffrey Reed *Download material
Course 6: Conflicts and challenges at work: How to survive them and thrive Click here for description
Julian Beezhold *Download material
Course 7: Early recognition and management of suicide
Click here for description
Britta Ostermeyer and Vladimir Carli 
*Download material

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