Original Sessions

Original Sessions

An exciting series of original sessions are planned in a dedicated hall. We welcome all early career psychiatrists and participants to come and attend these interesting sessions

Panel discussions on controversial topics

1.       Panel 1

Psychologists, Psychiatrists, traditional healers and others: Partners or enemies?

2.       Panel 2 

Different ways of seeing the magnitude and nature of the burden of mental illness: a panel discussion

3.        Panel 3 

Triad of rights in mental health patients, families and community 

4.        Panel 4 

Physician assisted death and the challenges of mental illness in assisted dying policies 

WPA 3 Minutes Presentations Competition

The WPA 3 Minutes Presentations Competition will be an interactive session with a series of short presentations aiming to improve presentation skills of early career psychiatrists (ECP) and facilitate and exchange of among them.  

The format of a competition aims to encourage early career psychiatrists to effectively explain their topic in 3 minutes in a clear and succinct way, improving their vocal pitch accuracy and trying to capture the audience's attention.

The session will be chaired by one ECP and one more senior psychiatrist.

Each presentation should only have 1 slide and last 3 minutes. The presentation will be  followed by up to 3 minutes of Q&A from the audience.

There will be 15 presentations in the session,

If you are an ECP and wish to present in this session please fill in the form here. Participants will be selected in a first come, first served basis.

How will the winner be decided?

The audience will vote on each presentation and prizes can be won!

Difficult case presentations

A panel discussion on diagnostic and management problems arising on different continents. 

During this session early career psychiatrists, supported by a senior expert from the same continent will present case histories of people with mental disorders whose diagnosis and management presented a number of problems. The speakers will describe the cases highlighting the issues and invite the audience to engage in a discussion and in the search for solutions to the problems which they faced. 


WPA books presentation

Authors will present their books.

Open Forum

The Open Forum is a session for oral presentations on any topic related to psychiatry without submitting an abstract in advance.

Professionals at the early stages of their career may feel lack of confidence and/or skills for preparing and submitting an abstract for presentation. However, witnessing presentations during first days of the congress many of them feel empowered to present their work, thoughts and ideas.

For the Open Forum session those interested should add their name to the list of speakers (first come, first served, in all 15 presentations) and be ready to talk for 5 minutes. The speakers may use this time as they want - to present their work, to discuss ideas with the audience, to share an experience or to ask questions. Slides can be used but not mandatory for the session. It is totally up to the speaker how to arrange time. 

At the end of presentation each attendee of the session is invited to a written (anonymous) feedback to speakers referring to the content and possible improvements of the presentation. If you wish to present in the Open Forum please sign up at the registration desk by 29 September at 19:10. 

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